Ladies History

Ladies Football
Est. 2017

Bradford United FC (formerly ‘Phoenix FC) was founded in 2017 as a working progress ahead of the already successful junior side of the club. From the off it gave many females from the local community a chance to come and play football in an environment that caters for their needs.

The first ever season of an all-new female football team! This season brought in hope for everyone involved and attracted much attention from the local areas as being one of the first, majority BAME players involved in one team. The ladies’ broke barriers that had been forced for a very long time and took off with a successful first season!

Another great season with evidently great success as the ladies reached the final of the league Cup! Unfortunately result of 2-1 in the final against Leeds United but just getting there was a major steppingstone in the female side of Phoenix FC!

The team continues to destroy challenges set before them and hopes to continue its legacy of ‘girls can play football too!’. The recent success of the women’s Euros has instilled the faith and hope that these ladies must continue the legacy of Phoenix FC into Bradford United!